Teacher's Guide: Indoor Exhibits - Large Scale Exhibits


Turtle: This is a full-size replica of Turtle, a sub designed and built by Connecticut’s David Bushnell. Its attack on a British warship in 1776 was unsuccessful, but it did demonstrate the submarine’s potential uses in combat. Turtle was the first practical submarine and the first used to attack an enemy vessel.

McCann Diving Chamber

McCann diving chamber: Invented in the early 1930s, this diving chamber was designed to rescue the crews of sunken submarines. It could bring up eight men at a time from depths of up to several hundred feet. In 1939, a chamber like this one was used to rescue 33 survivors from USS SQUALUS (SS-192) after she sank off the coast of New Hampshire.

Submarine Messenger Buoy

Submarine messenger buoy: In the past, submarines carried buoys like this one that could be released to mark the sub’s position in the case of a submerged emergency. The buoy, which was connected to the sub at one end by a cable, also contained a telephone that could be used to communicate with survivors.


Elevator: This unusual-looking piece of specially-constructed equipment was used to lower President Kennedy and his bad back onto USS THOMAS A. EDISON (SSBN-610) for an official visit in 1962.

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