Teacher's Guide: Indoor Exhibits - Main Hall

Indoor Exhibits Note: To the right of the main entrance are the bathrooms, drinking fountains, and elevator. Because of the elevatorís small size and relatively slow speed, we ask that only those unable to walk up the stairs use it.

Control Room

Control room: In the alcove just to the right of the docent desk is a mockup of a subís control room comprising pieces from three different subs. Visitors are invited to sit in the chairs, turn the knobs, and press the buttons.

World War II attack center

World War II attack center: In the second alcove is the attack center, which houses three working periscopes and a Torpedo Data Computer, which was used by wartime submariners to zero in on targets. Visitors are invited to look through the scopes, each of which rotates 360 degrees.

Model Wall

On the right side of the main hall is the Model Wall, which displays models, all built to the same scale, of each class of American submarine from 1900 to the present. Particularly significant are:

  • USS HOLLAND (SS-1): The navyís first sub.
  • USS ALBACORE (SS-569): The first sub with a teardrop-shaped hull, which made it more efficient underwater than on the surface.
  • USS NAUTILUS (SSN-571): The first nuclear-powered submarine.
  • USS SKIPJACK (SSN-585): The first sub to combine a nuclearpropulsion plant with a teardrop-shaped hull.


USS Groton Bow Cover

USS GROTON (SSN-694) bow cover: On the upper left as you walk down the main hall is the cover that sheathed the bow of GROTON when she was launched in 1976.

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