Teacher's Guide: Indoor Exhibits - Wall Murals

USS Tunny

This black-and white mural in the main hallway shows USS TUNNY (SSG-282) launching a REGULUS cruise missile. TUNNY, one of America’s first nuclear-deterrence subs, was specially modified to carry these missiles, which were used by the navy from 1955-1964 until they were replaced by the first generation of POLARIS.

USS Holland

This is perhaps the most famous image of USS HOLLAND (SS-1), the navy’s first sub. The Electric Boat crew is in control of the vessel, known as Holland VI until her commissioning in 1900, as she cruises off what is probably Long Island, mid-1899.

USS Columbus

The fast-attack submarine USS COLUMBUS (SSN-762) conducting an emergency surface training exercise off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, 4 June 1998. In an emergency blow, large volumes of compressed air are blasted into all of a submarine’s ballast tanks in order to bring the boat to the surface as quickly as possible Battle Flags

Battle Flag

Displayed in the Museum are a number of examples of battle flags, both Japanese and American. Crews flew the flags, most of which were made during World War II, when returning to homeport following a war patrol. They used a variety of colors, themes, symbols, and fanciful designs to display their accomplishments and pride in their boat.

Second Deck

USS Gato

Submarine model: This 50-footlong model of USS GATO (SS-212) is an example of the type of submarine that was used by the navy during World War II. Compare it to the cutaway model of a modern LOSANGELES class sub in the "City Beneath the Sea" exhibit.

Photo Wall

Photo wall: This large display comprises 58 lighted panels of photos taken throughout the submarine force’s history. Subjects range from the ceremonial—christening a sub—to the everyday—a boat’s basketball team and Sailors with their pet dog.

Nautilus Room

NAUTILUS Room: This space contains artifacts, photographs, and documents related to the history of the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine. It also affords a beautiful view of NAUTILUS and the Thames River.

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